@3n1pools we have an experienced team of Pool Professionals to take care of any and all of your plumbing needs. We Guaranty  clean professional job every time.


When it comes to Pool Heaters it’s important to get the rite pool company & Technician to get the job done, and done rite the first time. We are a So Cal Gas Co preferred installer for all on the top brand  Pool Equipment Company's.

Pentair, Hayward & Jandy.

There are also rebate programs available most of the time ! give us a call for more information


Should be serviced every 3-5 months depending on use and surrounding landscapes to keep your pool looking and feeling perfect...


Replacing your pool motor is not a problem. Or if you want to talk about Energy Efficient Upgrades we are FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) Company. The new variable speed pool pump that Edison will pay you $200 to install can run on ½ the speed of your old pump and will use 250(W) while your old pump uses 2000(W).

Testing your Water

Upon each weekly visit our technicians will ensure that  your weekly pH reading of around a 7.4-7.6 PPM (Parts Per Million) and chlorine residual level anywhere between 1.0-3.0 PPM. Unlike other pool companies we only use professional commercial Tayler test kits to make sure that your water hardness, TDS, and total alkalinity weekly to make sure their levels are adequate for you to enjoy your pool all year around..

We also keep weekly records of your readings and any chemicals added to your pool “Per County Health Department Standards”

Fully Insured / FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer


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Bead Blasting

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